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ChromaFlux ScreenPaint5DS2 - Sprayed is a water-based projection screen paint for 2D and 3D applications. A truly versatile solution that allows nearly any surface to be transformed into a quality 2D and 3D projection surface.

Paint Characteristics

  • Gain: 1.4 (Reflects 140% of the projected brightness)
  • Viewing Angle: 90° (45° L/R)
  • Superb Contrast levels
  • Angular-Reflective material with Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) capabilities
  • 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and Active 3D/Passive 3D Ready
  • Formulated from a neutral gray scale to attain an accurate white point (color temperature)
  • Produces vibrant colors with enhanced black/white levels for rich detailed imagery
  • 96% Polarization Retention
  • Adds depth to 3D images
  • Great for both home and commercial use


Think outside The Box

  • Not limited by screen sizes, aspect ratios, or shape
  • Even the most particular preferences can always be met
  • Eliminates masking problems by fixed aspect ratios


Easy on the Wallet

  • An affordable option for an impressive home theater
  • Up to a 140” diagonal size in 16:9 aspect ratio screen can be painted with one set


Simple Application

  • Administer using a spray gun only
  • Applies and dries just like housepaint
  • Prior painting experience isn’t necessary


Dimensions Table

The listed measurements are for general reference only.  Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification.  Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Decoding the Model Number
Model Number = ScreenPaint5DS2
ScreenPaint = Screen Paint
5D = 2D and 3D ready
S = Spray type
2 = Version 2

ChromaFlux Dimensions Table for 16:9 Screen
Diagonal Size Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Square Ft.Width (mm)Height (mm)Square MetersSets Needed
Diagonal Size Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Square Ft.Width (mm)Height (mm)Square MetersSets Needed
50"43.6 in24.5 in7.42 ft²1107 mm623 mm0.69 m²Coats: 1
60"52.3 in29.4 in10.68 ft²1328 mm747 mm0.99 m²Coats: 1
70"61.0 in34.3 in14.04 ft²1549 mm872 mm1.30 m²Coats: 1
80"69.7 in39.2 in18.99 ft²1771 mm996 mm1.76 m²Coats: 1
90"78.4 in44.1 in24.04 ft²1992 mm1121 mm2.23 m²Coats: 1
100"87.2 in49.0 in29.67 ft²2214 mm1245 mm2.76 m²Coats: 1
110"95.9 in53.9 in35.91 ft²2435 mm1370 mm3.34 m²Coats: 1
120"104.6 in58.8 in42.71 ft²2656 mm1494 mm3.97 m²Coats: 1
130"113.3 in63.7 in50.15 ft²2878 mm1619 mm4.66 m²Coats: 1
140"122.0 in68.6 in58.14 ft²3099 mm1743 mm5.40 m²Coats: 1
150"130.7in66.4 in60.25 ft²3320 mm1686 mm5.60 m²Coats: 2
160"139.4 in78.4 in75.95 ft²3542 mm1992 mm7.06 m²Coats: 2
170"148.1 in83.3 in85.75 ft²3763 mm2117 mm7.97 m²Coats: 2
180"156.9 in88.2 in96.10 ft²3984 mm2241 mm8.93 m²Coats: 2
190"165.6 in93.1 in107.12 ft²4206 mm2366 mm9.95 m²Coats: 2
200"174.3 in98.0 in107.12 ft²4427 mm2490 mm9.95 m²Coats: 2
ChromaFlux Dimensions Table for 4:3 Screen
Diagonal Size Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Square Ft.Width (mm)Height (mm)Square MetersSets Needed
Diagonal Size Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Square Ft.Width (mm)Height (mm)Square MetersSets Needed
40"31.9 in24.0 in5.3 ft²810 mm610 mm0.5 m²Coats: 1
50"41.7 in30.0 in8.7 ft²1060 mm762 mm0.8 m²Coats: 1
60"48.0 in36.0 in12.0 ft²1219 mm914 mm1.1 m²Coats: 1
70"56.0 in42.0 in16.3 ft²1422 mm1067 mm1.5 m²Coats: 1
80"64.0 in48.0 in21.3 ft²1626 mm1219 mm2.0 m²Coats: 1
90"72.0 in54.0 in27.0 ft²1829 mm1372 mm2.5 m²Coats: 1
100"80.0 in60.0 in33.3 ft²2032 mm1524 mm3.1 m²Coats: 1
110"88.0 in66.0 in40.3 ft²2235 mm1676 mm3.7 m²Coats: 1
120"96.0 in72.0 in48.0 ft²2438 mm1829 mm4.5 m²Coats: 1
130"104.0 in78.0 in56.3 ft²2642 mm1981 mm5.2 m²Coats: 1
140"112.0 in84.0 in65.4 ft²2845 mm2134 mm6.1 m²Coats: 2
150"120.0 in90.0 in75.0 ft²3048 mm2286 mm7.0 m²Coats: 2
160"128.0 in96.0 in85.3 ft²3251 mm2438 mm7.9 m²Coats: 2
170"136.0 in102.0 in96.3 ft²3454 mm2591 mm8.9 m²Coats: 2
180"144.0 in108.0 in108.0 ft²3658 mm2743 mm10.0 m²Coats: 2
190"152.0 in114.0 in120.4 ft²3861 mm2896 mm11.2 m²Coats: 2
ChromaFlux Dimensions Table for 2.35:1 Screen
Diagonal Size Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Square Ft.Width (mm)Height (mm)Square MetersSets Needed
Diagonal Size Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Square Ft.Width (mm)Height (mm)Square MetersSets Needed
65"59.8 in25.5 in10.6 ft²1519.2 mm646.4 mm1.0 m²Coats: 1
74"68.1 in29.0 in13.7 ft²1729.5 mm736.1 mm1.3 m²Coats: 1
85"78.2 in33.3 in18.1 ft²1986.5 mm845.3 mm1.7 m²Coats: 1
96"88.3 in37.6 in23.1 ft²2243.6 mm954.8 mm2.1 m²Coats: 1
103"94.8 in40.3 in26.5 ft²2407.4 mm1024.4 mm2.5 m²Coats: 1
115"105.8 in45.0 in33.1 ft²2687.8 mm1143.8 mm3.1 m²Coats: 1
125"115.0 in48.9 in39.1 ft²2921.5 mm1243.1 mm3.6 m²Coats: 1
138"127.0 in54.0 in47.6 ft²3225.3 mm1372.4 mm4.4 m²Coats: 1
158"145.4 in61.9 in62.5 ft²3692.7 mm1571.5 mm5.8 m²Coats: 2
166"152.8 in65.0 in69.0 ft²3879.9 mm1651.0 mm6.4 m²Coats: 2
176"162.0 in68.9 in77.5 ft²4113.5 mm1750.3 mm7.2 m²Coats: 2
188"173.0 in73.6 in88.4 ft²4393.9 mm1869.7 mm8.2 m²Coats: 2
200"184.0 in78.3 in100.1 ft²4674.4 mm1989.1 mm9.3 m²Coats: 2
ChromaFlux Packaging Dimensions
Model Number Net Weight W. (lbs.)Gross Weight (lbs.)Net Weight. (Kgs)Gross Weight (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)
Model Number Net Weight W. (lbs.)Gross Weight (lbs.)Net Weight. (Kgs)Gross Weight (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)




Q: Why purchase paint instead of a screen?
A: Cost, Customizability of paint & Size restraints

Q: Can the ChromaFlux projection screen paint work with Active 3D projectors?  I was informed to not recommend higher than 1.5 gain projection screen surfaces to prevent hot-spotting and uneven diffusion uniformity.
A: Yes, and the performance will actually be better because Active 3D in 3D mode only outputs about 30% of the light to the human eyes.  A 3.0 or 4.0 gain will improve your brightness and contrast levels and therefore it is strongly recommend to use a higher gain surface when using an Active 3D projector in 3D mode. But if you are watching 2D in a home theater (cinema) environment, using a 1.5 gain or higher would not be ideal.  Keep in mind that the loss in brightness is from the result of Active 3D technology combined with the dark active shutter glasses.

Q: This is my first time painting, is this a project that I should take on?
A: While we recommend a professional or a person with house painting experience, it's not necessary. Our instructions are easy to follow and our paint is easy to apply
Remember to properly prep the surface before painting to ensure maximum image quality

Q: How big of a screen can I produce?
A: One of the main advantages of screen paint over traditional projection screens, is that your only size limitation is the surface itself

Q: Can ChromaFlux be used for outdoor applications as well?
A: ChromaFlux can be used both indoor/outdoor.

Q: What size of a screen could a set of 2-quart cans (half gallon) of paint produce?
A: One set of paint can paint a 60.7 square foot screen. This translates to about a 140" in the 16:9 format

Q: Which is better, rolling or spraying?
A: Spraying the screen paint has the potential to achieve the best results, but people may not have prior experience with or access to the spraying equipment. With that being said, rolling your screen will still produce a quality projection screen

Q: I have some leftovers. Can I store it for later use?
A: Yes, you can store unused paint by pouring it back into the can and tightly sealing it. Make sure that it is in a cool, dark location. You can use this excess paint for repair within the next 6 months. Remember to stir again before using.

Q: What surfaces can ChroxmaFlux be used on?
A: ChromaFlux can be applied on any flat surface. Drywall, wood, cement.

Q: How long must I wait to start using the screen after the paint is applied?
A: The paint can be projected on immediately after it's application, though, as with all paints, there is a curing process. This process may take up to 3 months where the image quality gradually progresses.

Q: What spray gun specifications does Elite Screens recommend for the ChromaFlux screen paint products?
Elite Screens recommends using an HVLP and/or pressurized cup spray system with a gun tip size of 1.5-2mm diameter.  It is also important that the gun has the option to spray in a circular pattern.

See the complete list of FAQ here



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